Redefine Your Wellness

Your journey to a healthier lifestyle should be one that leaves you feeling empowered, confident, and excited. However, if you are like most of the women who come to work with me, you are feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and confused and need some help. 

I get it...there is way too much information about what you should and shouldn't do or eat, the process seems too complicated, and it is often hard to sustain it because of your busy schedule. 

What if we could flip the script to ensure that you get the results you are looking for? What if all you needed was a new system with the right support? 

If this sounds like what you are looking for, I'd love to invite you to work with me for 4 weeks to truly redefine your wellbeing and adopt a healthy lifestyle that will last. 

This 4 Week Coaching Program is for You if..

  • You have struggled with commiting and sticking to Healthy Lifestyle Habits
  • You need more structure and support around your fitness, nutrition and self care
  • You aren't sure how or where to get started when it comes to making your habits stick

Here's how this Coaching will help.

One on One Coaching

Personalized & Customized Coaching tailored to your specific goals and needs to help you as you redefine your wellbeing to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Weekly Check Ins

Four 60 minute calls with Allison to discuss your week's challenges, celebrate victories, and plan for the upcoming week. 


Additional support in the form of tools, webinars, videos, and more to help you to hold you accountable & deepen you engagement with your goals.

Private Network

Join other RDW coaching participants in a private Facebook group to receive daily coaching and additional support to help hold you accountable.  

Meet Your Coach

Allison Tibbs is a certified Personal Trainer & Healthy Lifestyle Coach who advocates for women to use fitness, nutrition, and self care as a way to create more peace, joy, and balance in their lives.  

She leads by example, as she once struggled with depression and anxiety, and began her journey of healing through adopting a healthy and active lifestyle. She now pays it forward by coaching and training clients in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Asia. She is a Women's Health Action Hero, international speaker, and best selling author who has been featured in major print, radio and TV outlets. 

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Not sure you can do this? I've got a story for you...

I remember when I first started on my own healthy lifestyle journey...I was depressed, sick, full of anxiety, and in pretty bad shape - mentally, physically, and emotionally. I was over feeling like a failure every time I started and stopped the latest fitness trend or fad diet. 

What was the biggest shift for me? It started with a changed my mindset and created a system that would make the process that was easy to follow and easy to manage with my busy lifestyle. 

Over the years, I've worked with women, just like you, who are looking for a change, but need some support...need a system...need a bit more structure.

I recently worked with a woman who came to me because she was tired of being on the emotional roller coaster of gaining and losing weight. She told me she had tried everything, even hypnosis, and nothing worked to keep her accountable. I was up for the challenge and after four weeks together, she was amazed at how easy it was for her to get a better handle on her eating habits. However, she was even more suprised with how great she felt. She had more energy, her sleep was improving, and she was now being more present with her family. She felt empowered and confident in her abilty to finally create a lifestyle that would support her and nourish her. If she can do it, so can you...

This is what I want for feel empowered and confident as you rebuild yourself to being healthier, happier, and more fulfilled. 

So... are you in?

Yes! I'm ready to Redefine My Wellbeing!!!